About Sidney Quinn

SQ Advice is a non-profit organization that pairs volunteer mentors in the field of law with law students. We believe that the best way to prepare a future lawyer for possible employment opportunities and what it is like to specialize in a particular department of law is to partner them with experienced lawyers. In a competitive world of legal practice, it is extremely helpful if law students will be guided properly.

The founder of SQ Advice is Sidney Quinn, a lawyer himself who originally based in New York City but moved later on to Dallas to be closer to his two grandchildren (Margaret and Monica, adorable twins). He specialized in tax law and after retiring, he thought it would be beneficial for law students if they will be mentored by those who know the ins and outs of legal practice.  At present, the organization have six mentors (four of which are lawyers, two are former judges).

The mission of the organization is to have the mentors serve as role models for future lawyers by assisting the mentees with their preparation for different examinations, debates, and socialization with many networks. The mentor-mentee relationship extends beyond the school activities. The organization also encourages fun and meaningful activities such as playing sports, barbecue day, volunteering in community outreach programs, visiting the mentor’s office and having dinner with the mentee’s family.